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I’m sure that you are aware how much of an emotional & financial roller coaster ride
Online Marketing can be.
One month things are working out and you’re doing well and then for 2-3 month 
almost nothing comes and and you worry how to even take care of your cost of living.
This is what keeps marketers anxious & frustrated. 
The one and only solution to this is Recurring Revenue, to create continuity income
so that you get peace of mind knowing that month after month money is coming in
lick clockwork. 
But how do you get members, how do you sell recurring offers and how do
you fill your Continuity Program with members quickly?
This is where Facebook Continuity Profits comes in.
Mario Brown just launched FB Continuity Profits literally minutes ago and he 
shares step by step how he’s build all of his recurring revenue. 
In fact, he’s logging into his PayPal account showing all his
recurring revenue in this short video, it’s quite amazing to see this live:
This 100% results based product just went live and there is a great
early bird discount for this launch special, available for the first 
handful of hours.
If you like getting the best deal and paying less than everyone else, 
this is something you should definitely check out.
There’s nothing more powerful in the Online Marketing world than 
creating Recurring Revenue and being paid month after month.
it’s the ultimate peace of mind and it’s the best way to 
create a truly sustainable business. 
All the best, 

Email Swipe 2


Would you like to know which companies are bringing in the most recurring revenue
mont after month?
Well 2 of them right up there are Netflix and Amazon (Prime).
They’re generating millions in revenue every month, year after year.
This is THE most powerful business model on the planet. 
It’s sustainable and it gives you peace of mind.
And here is the best part, it transfers over to Online Marketing.
In fact, watch Mario in this video log into his PayPal account showing all the
recurring revenue he created in the last 3 weeks:
Impressive, isn’t it?
He did that with simple online marketing strategies and a lot of it came
through simple Facebook Ads. 
There is a special power to recurring revenue, this special peace of mind
that it gives you as business owner.
Also, it’s the best way to have a SUSTAINABLE Business vs. the typical
roller coaster ride Online Business out there. 
Mario perfected his system and packaged all his knowledge, landing pages,
strategies, case studies and examples into this powerful course:
I’d like you to get this at the lowest price as it doesn’t make sense to pay
more later so please be aware that the price goes up every day during 
this launch special.
If you’d like to have continuity income, recurring revenue giving your
business and lifestyle stability, then this is for you:
Check out the success stories & remember how Netflix & Amazon are
raking in monthly revenue nonstop. If recurring revenue is good enough 
for them, trust me it’s good enough for you and me.
Here is a walkthrough video: AFFILIATE LINK

Email Swipe 3


I just saw a video by Mario Brown and it blew me away:
It’s hard to believe how much recurring revenue he created in just
the last 3 weeks alone but he’s logging directly into his PayPal account
and wow, he’s getting those payment month after month on auto-pilot.
This is pure continuity income, recurring revenue.
Talk about the peace of mind you’d have knowing that every month no
matter what, you get paid big time.
He’s teaching his exact system & process in this product which just
launched & is on fire:
It ALSO includes examples, landing pages, sign up forms and everything
else you can swipe to get started today.
Literally, he tells you to swipe his best converting material so that you
never have so start from scratch again..
..and so that you can start building your own recurring revenue today. 
Sweet offer and it just launched so the price is very low thanks to the fact
that this is a launch special:
Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.
All the best, 
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