What Everybody Ought to Know About Continuity Income Plus How A Tiny Tweak In My Business Lead To $11,476 In Recurring Revenue In Just 13 Days Without Hassle or Overwhelm.
Video Below Shows This System Works Like Crazy - Inside Mario’s Infusionsoft & PayPal Account
0:44 - The Struggle 2:31 - Inside My Merchant Account 4:59 - More Money Proof
6:30 - Members Area Reveal 11:56 - Massive Bonuses 13:39 - Full Recap
Wow This Feedback Came In Just Now!

“Just finished the FBCP and here’s my naked truth testimonial: I have bought many training courses on how to generate recurring passive income but nothing as comprehensive as FB Continuity Profits. It has every element from the bite-size and sliced down easy to understand modules to the different models, pricing and tools for even a newbie marketer to set up a recurring payment online business. ”

Eelin Chong, Touchwired.com

“Mario Brown has just released his latest masterpiece, FB Continuity Profits. This thing totally rocks. The thing I love about Mario is that his products break things down step by baby step. FB Continuity Profits is no different. Mario offers everything here on a silver platter, including the kitchen sink. FB Continuity Profits comes jam packed full of awesomeness. Recurring income is the name of the game here…all about creating the streams & letting them run on autopilot. This is a proven case study, not some speculative spin. As with everything Mario does, it’s so simple, yet so brilliant. Grab it now while it’s at a bargain price. This receives my highest recommendations.”

George Nieves , georgenieves.com

“If you are planning to build your recurring income this 2017 this is a perfect product for you. Mario is really honest and authentic in teaching what works in his business. He will share to you from basic to advance, not only that.He will show you real time results and proofs that this method really works.I’m blown away with this FB Continuity course and I’m excited to apply it to my business this year.”

Jeremiah Villagomez, graphicsevolve.com

“With Mario’s NEWEST product FB Continuity Profits I can totally focus on… How to get more leads through automated webinars… How to get these leads/attendees into the webinar in the first place through Video Ads via Facebook… and more importantly…how to leverage a recurring income stream on a monthly basis to cover all the fixed costs and make some extra money and get that into my savings account with “FB Continuity Profits”…

I am so HAPPY NOW!

Thanks BIG TIME Mario!”

Holger Sochau, www.tradingwithfun.com

“You have crushed it again with this new Course! I love how you have structured it to make sure that this will work for complete Newbies as well as for advanced Online Marketers.

I’m an Entrepreneur now over 20 Year and in the Online Business for several years. I know that one of the most important parts nearly all Starters are missing is the correct mindset to be successful. You have integrated this part in a really helpful way and also experienced Entrepreneurs can pick up some Golden Nuggets. But even more I like the complete Inside into your Strategy for Recurring Income with all the Examples, Case Studies, top article, over the Shoulder Trainings, etc. This is absolutely CRUSHING it! I spend half of my working time investing in Private Coaching’s and Trainings for myself to learn more and bring even more Value to my Teaching and to my Team members and, fb Continuity Profits is one of the best Trainings I’ve done, to bring my Business to the next Level. Thanks a lot for this amazing Program and the full package of Bonuses that alone could be sold for big money. I know you always over deliver but this time you’ve topped everything!”

Torsten Buder, torstenbuder.com

“If you’re an internet marketer and want that peace of mind that comes with being financially free, you need to have recurring monthly income from digital assets such as paid newsletter, educational membership site, SAAS (software-as-a-service), coaching program etc. that covers, or ideally, even surpasses your fixed costs of living. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around regarding continuity business model. One of them is that continuity programs are really difficult to build and are especially hard to manage and maintain. While it’s true that some require more technical knowledge, skills or expertise than others, Mario Brown in his FB Continuity Profits shows you step-by-step how you can start a successful online continuity business, literally from scratch, even if you’re on a tight budget and have never built one before. I firmly believe you won’t find better training on this topic anywhere, therefore FB Continuity Profits has my highest recommendation!”

Ziga Andric, ZigaAndric.com

“I had the chance to take a look through FB Continuity Profits and Mario really went above and beyond once again!

It doesn’t matter if you are a stone cold newbie or a seasoned marketing veteran…

If you are looking to get off the roller coaster ride of online marketing and looking how to create a stable income that pays you month after month… FB Continuity Profits is all you need.

I’ve been looking to Continuity Programs for awhile now, but never knew where to start. Inside FB Continuity Profits, Mario goes step by step through all the different ways to set up a Continuity Site, and even how to avoid the mistakes that will sink your membership site from the beginning.

The best part is that Mario actually walks you through his own sites, pages, and strategies so all that is left for you to do is take action.

So far in the short time that I have used Mario’s strategies, my income has almost doubled but with FB Continuity Profits I can easily 5x that in 2017”

Jeff Sollee, legendarylistbuilding.com

This System Is Creating
Continuity Sales Since 2013
And It's Still Working Like
Gangbusters Today!
It was in January 2009 when
I got started with Online Marketing.

After growing up in Germany I packed up my backpack and traveled to Ecuador for adventure, to learn Spanish and explore other cultures.

26 years old, broke, not speaking a single word of Spanish.

I lasted for 7 months. That’s how long it took for me to run out of cash.

Hey trust me I squeezed everything out of every dollar I had.

The cheapest ticket to the USA that I could find was a flight to Miami.

No friends there, no family there and I had to leave behind my girlfriend in Ecuador.

After about 3 months of wasting my time working a miserable Front Desk job on Collins Avenue in South Beach (Graveyard Shift) I decided that it was time to make something out of my life.

At that time I had 4 roommates, made $865 bi-weekly and a bit of cash under the table selling Tours to the Universal Studios & Everglades.

My big goal was this: Find a way to make $2500 per month and with that I can tell my boss ‘I’m freaking outta here’!

Bought the cheapest laptop I could find at Office Depot, opened up my browser and typed in ‘How To Make Money Online’.

Well now I wish I could tell you that from that moment on money started just arriving in my bank account, kinda like some B.S. marketers are trying to make you believe.

You know what I mean right, push this button, use this software and magically money falls out of the sky and you’ll be rich and famous. And sexy.

Yeah Right.
It took me a freaking 3 month to make my first $7 sale online.

Bought every freaking product that Google brought up. Every Sales Letter freaking made me think this is THE Solution.

Cut me some slack, I was a brand spanking newbie and not yet aware of the power of copywriting or marketing so I literally believed every word on those pages.

Got overwhelmed, got stuck and to be honest, I got addicted to buying products day after day, buying hope I guess.

Of course, there was very little execution but after 3 month of nothing my girlfriend (yes the one from Ecuador, she gave up her life in Ecuador to be with me) told me that I either freaking make this work or move on.

She was serious. Plus, she’s Latina so yes, you don’t want them upset!

So I finally took action and implemented, created a $7 product and actually made some sales.

From there, over the next 12 month I launched more products, I SLOWLY but surely built a list & started affiliate marketing as well.

I finally made money!!!

Here is the crazy part though. I still struggled.

The Online Marketing income was very, and I mean VERY inconsistent.

One month I’d do great at the time and bring in like 6k, which at the time felt like 100k, no kidding!

Then for 2-3 month nothing or very little.

This would go on month after month.

100% inconsistent revenue which drove us crazy. A total emotional and financial roller coaster ride.

It was impossible to really plan anything because we never new if we’ll be able to pay our bills or if this month will be a great month for us.

This, by the way, is the reality for 95% of online marketers out there and yes this includes the folks you think are ‘killing’ it with their product launches etc.

I hated being dependent on launches & not knowing if next month I won’t have enough cash to pay my living expenses so I decided that enough was enough.

I committed to generating Recurring Revenue, Continuity Income.

This is when everything changed! Big Time!

I started buying every book, resource & course that was
talking about continuity income and I immersed myself for weeks.

How do you start a membership site, what make people want to join,
what do people pay for every month, how do people stick around?

I studied every page, every video, and every resource.

It paid off Big.
Since that day I started to focus on Recurring Revenue
and I gained 2 critical things:
  • Peace Of Mind
  • A SUSTAINABLE Business

You can’t believe how powerful & freeing it is when you know that every single month no matter what, you have money coming in guaranteed.

It’s THE ultimate Peace of Mind.

No more roller coaster, no more anxiousness, no more uncertainty!

Pure predictability, Peace of mind and TRUE financial freedom.

Let me tell you something – if you can build your recurring revenue to cover your monthly fix cost plus a bit to save, that to me is financial freedom.

Not having to work for a boss, knowing that all your expenses are covered thanks to the continuity income you’ve built.

I’ve been focusing on this for the last 8 years and have multiple sources of continuity income and I teach my high end clients since years how to set this up quickly.

Of course not everyone can afford my $35,000 Consulting fee to work with me personally so I’ve decided to package all my knowledge, tactics and straggles into one simple course

In Fact, Here Is Every Module Laid Out for You.


Strategic System Overview &
The ‘Private Members-Only’ Formula

We get straight to the point by delivering you the PROVEN, income generating formula right here in the first module. You’ll be off to a HUGE HEAD START by completing this lesson, you’ll discover why Video is critical PLUS You’ll get my Mental Toughness Hacks forcing you to execute and implement every lesson in this training for bigger profits & growth, you’ll discover why Recurring Revenue & Continuity is critical PLUS a step by step overview of the system and how to get the most out if it and the fastest results. Also included is my ‘kick in the pants’ video ensuring that you’ll execute right from day 1 forcing you to implement every lesson in this training for bigger profits & growth.



The Perfect Recurring Revenue Model

I break down THE Top 3 best and easiest funnels to generate continuity profits the fastest way starting today. Low Ticket, Mid Ticket, High Ticket, Software, Service – I show you which one works the best and how to get a head start. You never have to wonder where to start or what the best source of recurring revenue is – this Module get you set up immediately ready to execute and implement with the perfect Business Model for continuity profits.



My EXACT Landing Pages,
Sign Up Pages & Templates

This is LITERALLY Gold. I’ve been doing this for 8 years and I perfected my sign up pages, trial pages and videos to sell recurring revenue offers quickly and easily. Today YOU get access to all of them and you can leverage them immediately. This saves you an awful lot of time and headaches because now you never have to figure this stuff out by Trial and Error. You just literally swipe my landing page, my format, my PROVEN set up and you’re 100% ready to go! It doesn’t get anymore REAL WORLD.



My Funnels Hacked & Exposed

Well this is where the rubber meets the road. I have different SIMPLE funnels to bring in continuity revenue and in this module I’m breaking them down for you step by step. Traffic sources, sales triggers, offer structure, follow up – you get everything delivered on a silver platter. Do you want to figure this stuff out yourself with trial and error wasting your time & efforts or do you rather just swipe my proven funnels and get started in minutes? The choice is yours!



Selling Recurring Offers Like Hot Cakes From Day 1

Well I found a CRAZY powerful way to get a massive influx of new members within just days. And here is the best part, they will LOVE you for making a recurring offer. This is THE best non-sales way I’ve found to offer my membership sites and like I said, people literally email me to thank me for how awesome everything is. I can’t give this strategy away here on the sales page but be aware that this one strategy added over 35k in yearly recurring revenue plus $3.5k in monthly commission to my business in the last 4 weeks alone!



Tactical Tools & Proven 5 Star Retention Strategies

Getting members on board is great but the true secret is to KEEP members on board and to keep them happy. Not just that, but to turn them into raving fans telling others about your offers and services. I’ll share my top retention strategies in this module so that you can immediately increase your stick rate the moment you get members on board. This will guarantee long term recurring revenue for you and that right this is THE most powerful thing you can have in this game. Plus, I also share the behind the scenes of my Members Area set up, how I take payments & all that good stuff.



2 Powerful REAL Case Studies
100% Behind The Scenes

Well this is why everyone loves my products. REAL WORLD case studies based on RESULTS, not theory. One of my membership sites got over 1500 members. In the last 4 weeks alone I used Facebook Strategies & other traffic sources to bring in hundreds of members and in these 2 case studies I show you exactly, STEP BY STEP how I did it. I’m talking actual Facebook Ads, my exact offer, the Trial Offer, my Webinar Offer – You GET EVERYTHING on a silver platter. This will save you thousands of dollars, endless time and headaches because now literally you see how I do it and you can just swipe my ads, copy and process TODAY!

Mario Brown's FB Continuity Profits
Feedback About Mario's Training Courses
Alex Becker
Susan Connell
Josh Boxer
Veit Schenk
Dan Ardebili
Alexander Lessa
Fast Action Bonuses

FAST ACTION BONUS 01 - $997 Value

Act Now & You Get To Come To Mario’s Las Vegas Workshop FREE.
Exclusive LIVE Workshop With Mario.
Get a FREE Ticket to Mario's MissionPreneur Live Workshop
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Take action right now and you get a FULL ACCESS Ticket to come out to Las Vegas for 2 full days learning EVERYTHING Mario knows about Traffic, Lead Generation, Webinar Sales, Email Marketing, Product Launches, Conversions & more.

This is not a stupid Pitch Fest. This is a 2 day Hands-On Workshop where you’ll walk away with your own Workbook, Exercises, Templates & a rock Solid Action Plan for the rest of 2017.


Las Vegas is always fun and nothing, absolutely nothing beats a full immersion learning experience where you’re also networking with powerful marketers and like-minded Entrepreneurs.

Tickets to Workshops like this are always around $997 – $1997 but I want 2017 to be freaking AMAZING for you so I want to make this affordable for everyone and give anyone a chance to learn in person, to get access to all
my templates and resources and to learn all the systems & strategies that work in my business RIGHT NOW.

Let’s hang out, let’s have a drink together and let’s map out your 2017 Strategy.

Take action now and the ticket is yours. If you can’t make it, you can come to our Workshop in June.

*To make this a true bonding experience & to help us with our room quote with the Hotel we require you to stay in the event hotel. There is a small $47 fee for your unique Workbook which includes all the exercises, templates and frameworks you’ll receive. This Workbook is yours to keep and you take it home with you so that you have access to the most critical insights at any time.

FAST ACTION BONUS 02 - $497 Value

Live Coaching With Mario: How To Become A True Super Affiliate – $20,000 In 5 Days Case Study

Just this week I was privileged to earn over $20,000 Commission in just 5 days promoting two products.

To be specific, I promoted Connect Explore & ClickMSG.

With both of them I cracked affiliate income of over $10,000 each, which adds up to over $20,000 in Commission and out of that, $10,000 is actually recurring!

I want to show you how I did this step by step so that you can literally SWIPE my strategies, templates & tactics starting today, so that you can become a Super Affiliate as well!

I obviously LOVE Continuity Income but you’ll still see me do Affiliate Promotions once in a while and when I do them, I make sure I maximize profits like nobody else.

I’ll teach you my approach, how I create bonuses, how you should structure your promotions for max profits and how to earn more commission than all of your competitors.

FAST ACTION BONUS 03 - $497 Value

Live Training With Mario: Becoming A Product Creation Machine – $53,465 In 3 Days Case Study

People ask me all the time. Mario, how in the world do you create such superb products so fast, literally in just 1-2 days?

And, how in the world do you launch them so smoothly and effortlessly generating 5-6 figures on every launch you roll out?

Well I came up with my own system to create HIGH quality products fast and to roll them out in no time and with relative ease.

In fact, my last launch Video Ads Formula 2.0 was just a 3 day launch.

I created that product in one sitting and it brought in over 53k in just 3 short days.

I’m going to teach you how I do this, how I put my products together quickly, how to roll them out the right away and how to attract Joint Venture Partners.

Total Value All Modules PLUS Coaching Bonuses: $2,670
Mario Brown's FB Continuity Profits

We’re so absolutely sure that FB Continuity Profits will help your online business that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason FB Continuity Profits does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. Give it a try…

You have nothing to lose!

Help Us Build A School In Africa

With your investment you are DIRECTLY helping to build a school in Africa for kids in need. So far we’ve raised $50,745 and we need to raise $75,000 to build another school from scratch including the actual building, material, trained teachers and more.

With ‘Pencils of Promise’ 100% of the raised money goes directly to the cause, that’s why I love this charity.

I’ll Donate in the name of this ‘FB Continuity Profits’ project leveraging a percentage of the proceeds from all sales to contribute to this cause and you’re directly helping us to build that school.

For more info visit missionpreneur.net/help.

I'm on a Mission to inspire entrepreneurs to use their skills and business power
to do something good in this world and this is the first step.
Mario Brown's FB Continuity Profits
Some common questions our customers ask

Is This Newbie Friendly?

Absolutely – This was created with the newbie in mind, you can start this with no experience if you take action

When does this offer expire?

It expires when the countdown timer hits zero, which is Monday midnight but you better grab your copy now so that you won’t miss out. Early bird catches the work.

Do I need a lot of money to get started

Absolutely not. My campaigns are on average 5 dollars and that’s it. You can literally start your first ad today with $3-$5 and you’ll be up and running generating leads guaranteed!

Is The Content Drip Fed?

No – You get all the training immediately. The modules are recorded and ready for you in the members area, dive in and get it all.

What if I don't like it?

You will LOVE the training but in any case if you feel it’s not for you, let us know and you get an immediate refund thanks to our Rock Solid 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

I'm not a technical person, is that in issue?

Trust me, I hate the technical stuff. I recorded everything step by step and I only use non-technical solutions in my own business so I got you covered. If you can type on a keyboard and use your mouse, you’re ready to go!
Feedback About Mario's Training Courses
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Mario Brown's FB Continuity Profits

You have to choice to make right now.

Keep doing what you’ve been doing getting the same old results OR Take Action Right Now and get immediate access to a system that is proven to work and that has been created from REAL results and testing.

The timer is ticking and now it’s time to get off the fence, it’s time to take your business and life to the next level.

You heard my story, you saw my video – if I can do it, you can do it too.

I’m here to help you along the way, I’ll take you by the hand and I’ll hold you accountable during the live calls but it’s up to YOU right now to take that first step and to get started Today.

Let’s Do This!

P.S. This special offer is available for 3 days and if you see the countdown timer ticking it means you are in luck and you can still get in at the low launch special price. Once the timer hits zero ALL Bonuses Go Away and the Prize DOUBLES immediately. Sign up now.

P.P.S. You know you want to be successful and with this complete Traffic system you’ll have everything to jump-start your business for long-term success.

Mario Brown's FB Continuity Profits

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